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The Berlin Wall Game takes place in a city, which is strongly
inspired by the East Berlin from 1960s to late 1980s.
Most of the game happens in the vicinity of the Berlin Wall,
with desperate people oppressed by the regime trying to
escape to freedom. 


First you will become a leader of an underground organisation
helping people to flee to freedom from the totalitarian
state.  You will prepare effective escape strategies, recruit the
right people for the job, manage resouces and hideouts of the

Finally you will be responsible for the execution of individual
escape plans. On the way to freedom you will have to avoid
guards and other enemies, overcome obstacles like spotlights,
alarms, tripwires, mines and many others.



The Berlin Wall Game is inspired by one of the most
unusual, controversial and tragic histories of the years
after World War II world in Europe, the history of
the Berlin Wall. It was one of the most visible signs
of the Cold War. It became a symbol of the Iron Curtain
and a totalitarian regime in East Germany, regime
controlling virtually all aspects of people's life.

The Berlin Wall divided the City of Berlin from 1961
to 1989. Constructed by the German Democratic
Republic government, starting in 1961, the Wall
completely cut off West Berlin from surrounding
East Germany and from East Berlin until it was
officially opened in November 1989. 


Checkpoint Charlie was one of the most famous
Cold War sites as an official  crossing point between
East and West Germany. It has also witnessed
numerous attempts to escape from East Berlin,
some of them unique and even ingenious.   

Thousands of East German citizens tried to breech
The Wall.  Some  5,000 people are thought to have
escaped East Germany by crossing the wall, including
more than 1,300 guards. However many escape
attempts failed and at least 140 people have died.


East Germany was an oppressive regime whose citizens
were  under constant surveillance and suppression of free
thought. They were spied upon by their friends, neighbours,
even members of own family, and by the STASI secret police,
not being able to freely speak their mind. 

After The Wall was built many were suddenly separated from
their friends, families and loved ones.  In many cases
The Wall caused people on both sides  to lose their jobs
and  have their existence ruined if trapped on the wrong
side.  So many  East Germans risked their lives on their
way to freedom.